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Strategic Legal Advice for Businesses and Individuals

Military training focuses on strategy and tactics - ways to approach both a battle and a war.  Focusing solely on a legal issue without looking at the bigger picture means you can't see the forest for the trees.  We see the forest and the trees.  For all our clients, our advice looks at the big picture (strategy) while handling separate legal issues (tactics).

Practical Solutions

Predictable costs are important to business success.  That is why we discuss the scope of representation (the project) and then provide a flat rate for the legal fees on a project basis whenever possible.


Penny R. Robe

The Robe Law Firm provides a broad range of legal services to individuals and businesses.  Penny Robe's background provides some unique advantages to business clients.  Having served as an in-house attorney and as a military officer, her understanding of strategic business decisions has a depth that only such experience can bring. As a legal adviser to small businesses, Penny provides advice on issues common to most businesses, while also …


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