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As a mediator, Penny’s respectful, collaborative approach leverages her wide ranging knowledge and experience, an approach that helps parties get to an agreement. Penny has a high settlement rate for mediation.

Attorneys greatly appreciate the knowledge and experience Penny brings to the table in cases involving probate and guardianships. Penny has guardianship certification. Penny’s experience includes mediating high conflict probate cases.

Her background in dividing military retired pay in divorce helps get those cases settled.

Penny trained in Health Care Law Mediation with the American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA), and is on the exclusive roster of mediators with AHLA for health care disputes.  Penny’s health care law experience includes time as in house lawyer for a physician practice.  If your contract requires mediation with an AHLA mediator, Penny is a great option.

For any type of business dispute, Penny’s background as in house counsel for almost a decade brings a depth of understanding of the insider perspective. She understands practical solutions, and brings her years of experience in crafting those to the table as potential solutions in mediating disputes.

Penny is fully qualified for court appointment as a mediator under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Section 154.052, as amended in 2017.

Contact our office for rates and calendaring. We love holding our mediations at:


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